• No. JB 4502, Lot 3038 (PT 2753), Kawasan Perindustrian Jasin, Batu 16, Melaka, 77200 Bemban.
Malaysia Top Gelato & Ice Cream Supplier

Malaysia’s First Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Supplier

Musang Wang was formed in 2018, as a subsidiary of Koon Huat Agriculture Group (KHAG), with only one purpose — to bring people together through better and healthier ice cream.

As Malaysia’s first fresh fruit ice cream supplier and manufacturer, we are committed to create an entirely creative, flavorful ice cream. Our ice creams are made using only the best quality and most nutritious fresh fruits from our own farms, with no added colors, preservatives, or flavoring. Our farms in the tropics also give us access to your favorite selection all year round.

With our award-winning farmers and over 30 years of experience in the plantation industry, rest assured we would select what's best in season and create the flavor that can delight your taste buds — ranging from Musang King durian, Sultan King durian, mango, avocado to coconut.

At Musang Wang, we don’t just give you flavors. We give you the real thing! By having the ripe fruit pulps completely blended within our ice cream and molded to resemble real fresh fruits for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, you can expect real pieces of fruit in every bite.

Since 2018, Musang Wang is best known for our creative local flavors and high-quality ingredients. So, whether you need ice creams for your corporate events, private parties, weddings, or to satisfy a simple craving, we have you covered at Musang Wang. Because, as always, our ice creams deliver joy and laughter at every bite!
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Naturally Delicious

Naturally Delicious

Our ice creams are made with farms fresh frozen fruits, with no added additives or preservatives, just naturally delicious!

Wide Range of Flavors

Wide Range of Flavors

We offer a wide selection of flavors to choose from, catering to all ages, occasions and lifestyles.



We give you a new dimension of enjoying licking ice cream sticks, by creating 3D effects of interesting patterns.